Saturday, September 28, 2019

Into the fold.

Going with the flow in wine pleated palazzo pants with a cuffed-sleeve t-shirt 
and studded belt.

Working afternoon at the Hoxton Hotel in marigold pleated palazzo pants and 
crossover sandals.

Tucked sweater and colorful sneakers work with this soft, pleated, wine-colored, 
mid-calf skirt.

Suits her.

The layered trench coat suit with jumper.

Lovely suit and scarf combo for a business meeting at The Hoxton Fulton Market.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

On the prowl. Animal prints. White sneakers.

Animal print pencil skirt, off-the-shoulder white top and white sneakers.

Leopard print pencil skirt, white blouse tied at the waist and Golden Goose 
white sneakers.

Asymmetrical leopard print skirt, white top and to a plaid
school girl mini skirt.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

EXPO 2019

Sondra and Tony Karman, EXPO director at the Vernissage event. 

Artist Donna Castellanos models some of her "Inside Out:Outside In" Exhibit of
wearable art made from bike tires and soccer balls.

Rashayla Marie Brown of poses with some of her favorite art
in The Charles James Gallery at EXPO 2019

Monika Dixon in Tom Ford and Aritizia (r.) with a friend at the Vernissage event 
at EXPO 2019.

David Jude Greene mingles with the gallery art in pink ensemble.

Colorful like the art in this yellow metallic dress and cat ears.

Discussing the show in a colorful jumper and pink hair.

EXPO Gallery attendant in a creative red and black dress and silver sandals.

@yoannasworld in a ruffle sleeved long dress.

Gala event style dresses.

Enjoying the exhibit in a ruffle sleeved white dress.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Fab Frock!

Flowing print dress with Fendi belt bag, glam earrings and platform sandals.

Hard hat and heels.

Today's work style often includes a pencil skirt, lace top, heels and hard hat. 

Work style in an off-the-shoulder, double-breasted, blazer top, black jeans and 
heels with Chanel earrings.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Skin in the game.

Greeting customers in a sheer Libby blouse over a black bra from Rag and Bone 
at Rag and Bone.

Relaxing in style in this ruffle-rimmed sheet blouse over a black tank and flirty 
print skirt.

Buying groceries in this lacy-pink sheer top over a black bra. 

Sheer black top over white bralette and checkered pants.

Long sheer top over beaded bra.

Air-conditioned with some see-thru lace above the knees.

When the wind catches your sheer skirt and button down dress

Little black shorts and midriff top.

Studies in B&W...

B&W with a long gray blazer and her swinging animal print bag.

B&W and leather except for the J'ADIOR Ballerina in yellow dotted swiss.

B&W except for her bags and cap.

Excited to shop in all B&W except for her bright lip and nail colors.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Man n' The Moon.

Shooting for the moon after leaving the mother ship to launch The Escape Pod 
Ad Agency in the Fulton Market Meat Packing District, Vinny Warren takes time 
out for some fun in bus casual attire holding up the DeGonia Packing Co sign 
near the Hoxton Hotel. 

The dude and the mermaid.

Long-haired dude with colorful shirt art walking by colorful long-haired mermaid 
street art mural by Dale Paracuelles @Deal35.

Friday, September 6, 2019

White rimmed.

B&W 3/4 sleeve shift dress, white rimmed sunglasses and studded sandals.

What's not to love.

 Creamy white boots, a LBD and a Saint Laurent City crocodile embossed leather backpack with stiletto nails, of course.

Laissez Fun. Half Off.

Asymmetrical, half-sleeve shift dress with black sneakers.

End of summertime dresses.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Un Dress.

Summer breezy in this tie-dyed little, off shoulder "dress" with gladiator sandals 
and a Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Speedy 30 bag.

Tennis anyone? Tiny wrap dress and Nike Classic Cortez leather sneakers.

About Faces.

About face. The mini mini skirt, belt bag and Doc Martens.