Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Polar Vortex wear.

Polar Bear fleece hat, red mask and navy wool military jacket.

Outdoor dining on Clark Street in a Apparis orange camo teddy coat, Gucci bag 
and shearling sherpa hiker boots.

Shacket oversized, plaid top, UCLA sweatpants with top knot do.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Standout Style.

The puffer on steroids. Oversized coat with big chain bag and Celine unisex, flat 
top, aviator sunglasses.

Classically cool style in houndstooth tweed, double-breasted coat, orange pants, 
Gucci camo loafers, scarf and mask.

Couple style in Moncler puffer, khakis and loafers. Camel wrap coat, suede boots 
and pom beanie with masks.

Saturday, January 23, 2021


Rockin' some tie-dye love in this Winter coat over a lime green sweat hoodie with 
a mini crossbody box bag, patent leather biker boots, mask and knit bucket hat.

Lucky Five Pink Metallic Down pugger, oversized sweat hoodie, beanie and masks.

Hot pink puffer hoodie over cap and hair in braids, aux leather leggings with Ugg 
boots. He's in an Eddie Bauer jacket over and sweater and hoodie. Masks.

Friday, January 15, 2021


On trend in white sweat pants tucked into white, velcro strap, rubber biker boots, 
mint green hoodie , suede and shearling sherpa jacket with beanie.

Selfie to self.

Taking a selfie in all black except for her Nike sneakers and animal print mask.

On the fringe.

Oversized jean jacket over a mini tennis skirt with black, fringed cowboy boots.

Oversized jean jacket, big Balenciaga bag and Vans.

Warm wear.

Spotted. dotted, leather moat jacket, red pom beanie and crossbody tote.

Puffer style coats, tights, camo boots and Prada bag.

Casual Luxe in camo pants, leather blazer over t-shirt, white high-top sneakers, 
suede jacket, jeans, sneakers and masks.

Lady in black. Fur coat, suede boots and black bag.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Sherbert colors!

Standing out in a sea of black puffer coats this orange, pink and yellow sherbet 
colored, quilted coat with hello mask and fleece, flowered hoodie.

Animal magnetism.

Fur vest, gray turtleneck, animal print mask, stretch sneakers with apple watch.


Two tone sherpa jacket with ripped black jeans and criss cross ribbon trainers with 
face mask.

Regal wrap.

Fur trimmed Gucci shawl over leather moto jacket, yoga tights, pony skin, studded 
bag and beanie with Dr. Martens white Jadon Boot.

Doggie styles.

Winter dog walking in fleece/nylon vest, mittens, yoga tights, Nike sneakers, 
beanie, mask and Prada crossbody bag.

Dude, dog, Dr. Martens.

Dog walking in Balenciaga hoodie, joggers and sneakers.

Walking the dog Chicago November style in blue sundress and sandals.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Winter whites.

Friends step out in sherpa jacket, box bag, lace-up, lug-sole boots, black jeans, 
and ripped jeans, puffers and sneakers with masks.