Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Student Bodies! As much a work of art as their SAIC fashion designs!

Artsy, creative students in the SAIC Sage Studios for Fashion Design Performance
Art Accessory Class. Whether showing a collection in upcoming SAIC THE WALK 2014 
runway show this Friday at Millennium Park, or working behind the scenes, the whole 
school gets involved in producing the show. For tickets visit http://saicfashion.org
SAIC art student as she heads into the Sage Studios for Fashion Design to help with 
the upcoming THE WALK 2014 student runway show this Friday at Millennium Park.

Wearing their creativity! School of the Art Institute of Chicago students, Photography 
major, Deyan and Art major, Rachel in mostly thrift clothes.

We had the opportunity to see firsthand the SAIC fashion students at work on the 
upcoming SAIC THE WALK 2014 runway show. Some amazing, creative and whimsical 
pieces will hit the runway this Friday, May 2. Don't' miss it. Get tickets at 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mod Day Mad Men go from work to play effortlessly.

R/GA Chicago VP, Executive Creative Director, Ken Erke looks the part in a hip 
jacket from AllSaint Spitalfields. Equally comfortable in a Lanvin suit, Ken knows
the role style plays in creating a personal brand.

Joseph Delhommer goes from his job as an Art Director at R/GA Chicago, a full 
service digital advertising agency, to play in attire from AllSaints Spitalfields, 
carrying a Hard Graft slim leather laptop bag.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Peony For Your Thoughts…Happy Earth Day!

A lovely little haiku about Spring peonies from Hoshino Tatsuko. 
Happy Earth Day from credstyle films!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Confessions of a former Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper.

Stacey Fenster, in a Gap bodysuit Forever 21 top, Kiwi Tucker skirt, DKNY heels 
and Philip Lim for Target  bag.

Credstyle takes a Look Behind the Dressing Room Curtain:
Confessions of a Former Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper.

She's a New Yorker who now lives in Chicago and works as an advertising creative 
recruiter for a major International ad agency. Former Bergdorf Goodman personal 
shopper and NYC ad agency account manager, Stacey Fenster lets us in on her life 
as a personal shopper for the rich and famous and a peek into the lives of the other 1%.

First, how did you land such a sweet gig?
I worked for The Arnell Group for Peter Arnell as an account manager on fashion 
accounts such as Tommy Hilfiger and Marui department stores in Japan (very edgy 
clothing dept. stores) which led to a job (through a friend) as a personal shopper 
at Bergdorf Goodman.

So it sounds like you had some fashionista in your blood? 
I have early memories of my grandmother wearing her mink coat with her embroidered 
initials in it. I remember going to Bloomingdales and Saks with my mother on 
Saturday mornings to shop and eat at 40 Carrots (the restaurant in Bloomingdales).

It sounds so glamorous! What does a personal shopper actually do? 
A woman would call for instance and say I want a black dress. I would go through the 
store and pull every black dress in her size and style. She would either come in and 
try on the dresses in a private area of the store or I would bring them to her home 
or hotel room to try on.

Is there a personal shopping boot-camp to get up to speed for the experience? 
No. I hit the ground running. One day a random woman came in and spent $100,000 
in 3 hours on clothing. Another bought an 8 thousand dollar dress sight unseen over 
the phone. And she kept it.

Bergdorf’s is a pretty toney store…we’re guessing you shopped for some 
well-heeled clients?
It was the most interesting job I've ever had. I also met my best friend there.
The average client spent $30,000.00 each time they shopped. Some came once 
a season, others came once a month.

I've shopped for Aretha Franklin, Marissa Tomei, and Jimmy Buffet's wife, Jane, 
Roberta Meyers, editor in chief for Elle Mag. and Nadja Swarovski of Swarovski jewels, 
Dany Johnson-"The Rock" Dwayne Johnson's wife…to name a few.

What kind of cash would your shoppers drop? 
One woman spent $2 million a year at Bergdorf, and that didn't include what she
spent at Hermès and Saks. Her second year she spent $1 million.

A few words to describe your typical client? 
Tons of plastic surgery, Birkin bags, diamonds and Am Ex black credit cards with 
no spending limits!

It must be wild to be surrounded by clients with such serious bank. Any Berdorf 
savings for working there? 
30 % plus add it to the sale prices …

Nice. What are your most treasured Bergdorf purchases? 
Burberry skirt, Open-toe Lizard Jimmy Choo shoes, Theory denim jacket with 
detachable fur vest, Manolo Blahnik heels in many styles.
You must have some juicy stories. Give us the dish…
One client in Japan sent sketches/drawings of the Chanel outfits she wanted.

Got an "emergency call" from one woman in Puerto Rico just to say she was sitting 
next to Donatella Versace. (that was all she wanted…she had to tell someone.)

A Wall Street Trader closed down "Le Cirque" restaurant one night and flew in 
10-15 foreign escorts (that couldn't speak english) and I had to dress them for the 
event in Bagley Mischka, Fendi baguettes, and Manolo's….he's now in jail!

One woman screamed at me over the phone complaining that it was unacceptable 
that I sent her purchase Fedex instead of UPS! There's a $10 difference between the two.

Many would have me ship purchases to another state to avoid NY sales tax.

Most popular designer purchases were Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, Armani suits,
and Tom Ford for YSL before he was at Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana.

Enough about the store, let’s hear more about you. Your go-to designers? 
Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, 
Alaia, and Vintage Betsy Johnson. I love lingerie especially from Agent Provocateur. 
The store on Oak Street has the best salesgirls and always knows the styles I like.

By the way, you look fabulous today, Stacey. Describe your go-to look. 
Fashion edgy with a sense of humor. NYC Downtown combined with girly lace or silk 
tops. "High/Low" Mix- high end designer with low style fun like Target and H&M 
designer styles.

Credstyle loves NYC. Got any good stories? 
I worked only one day for a famous lingerie store where supers models would shop 
called Le Petite Coquette in the Village. My only interview question she asked was 
"What's your sign?"

I was shopping at the Gap and my friend texted me to go to the other side of the 
store where she was because Super model Helena Christensen was shopping there. 
I went up to her and asked her advice on an item and she was very sweet with her answer.

I got into a fight with a woman at Target over this Philip Lim for Target limited edition 
bag…Of course, I won! A girl there didn't get any limited edition bags so I gave her one 
of mine since I already had two.

Any good celebrity spottings you care to share with credstyle?
Saw Paul McCartney, Natalie Cole (in her bad girl drug phase), Monika Lewinsky, 
Andre Leon Talley and Brooke Astor in the store.

Passed Valentino on Madison Avenue and I stopped him to fuss over how much I loved 
his clothes! Of course he was very tan.

Met Stella McCartney when she worked for Chloe. And Manolo Blahnik, Calvin Klein, 
Michael Kors when they did trunk shows at the store. Plus Manolo signed my black 
pumps by him.

Met Tommy Hilfiger when Peter Arnell worked with his brand. They also had 
George Magazine as a client and she saw JFK Jr just sitting in the office one day 
and found it very hard not to stare at him.

I love tennis and saw Anna Wintour at the US Open every year I went.

Stacey, you’re clearly a fashion pro. Can you give our readers some personal 
Fenster Fashion Advice. 
We all have a first day at a new job outfit. Why not 
have an "I quit outfit too?" Every day is a chance to express yourself through 
clothes- have fun with it! (Midwest seems to play it too safe/conservative.)

Any places in Chicago you adore, want to plug or give a shout out to? 
Would love to work for Ikram Goldman at Ikram. Love RSVP Gallery in Bucktown, 
Blake in River North, Designer, Calvin Tran in Lincoln Park. I like to shop at 
places where they have emerging designers that you can't find at department 
stores. Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks have done a great job 
redesigning their stores to help provide a modern luxury shopping experience.

Thanks, Stacey. This has been a lot of fun. All this talk about fashion has 
got credstyle itching to do some damage and shop. Shall we?

Stacey's Bergdorf favorites. (Top left) Jean Paul Gaultier top. vintage Betsy Johnson
dress, Chanel bag, Burberry skirt, Theory Denim jacket with detachable fur vest and 
Jimmy Choo Lizard heels.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

White Now! Kelli Noelle rocks the look at the Intermix reopening bash.

Jason Erkes, Kelli Noelle–wearing  an exclusive lace cut out bralet and lace calf 
length skirt from Nicolas for Intermix, with her brother Kyle Zink at the Intemix 
store reopening bash on Rush and Delaware!

Intemix on Rush and Delaware reopened with a rockin' party! Guests shopped the 
spring trunk shows, enjoyed appetizers, drinks and dj.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dapper Gent.

Yachtsman or not, Marlowe Davis has the attire down wearing a Gant by Michael 
Bastian Glen Plaid Blazer, RRL jeans, Common Projects Tournament canvas sneakers,
Ralph Lauren scarf and Persol sunglasses.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A fête for THE WALK at Jimmy Choo. How fitting!

Pre-Event Reception for THE WALK, which takes place in Millennium Park on 
Friday, May 2, was held at Jimmy Choo on Oak StreetJames Sommerfeldt, SAIC 
Footwear Instructor and designer with Katrin Schnabl, fashion designer and Chair 
of the SAIC Fashion Design Department enjoy the festivities.

Tommy Walton, SAIC Fashion Design Instructor, in a Kris Van Asch suit, and 
Jimmy Choo gold shoes with Nicola Jackson in a Givenchy dress, Balenciaga heels, 
Simone Rocha socks and a Jimmy Choo bag at the SAIC Pre-Event Reception for 
THE WALK 2014.

A guest joins Debbie Jagel, Co-Chairwoman of the SAIC THE WALK 2014, at the 
Pre-Event Reception at the Jimmy Choo store on Oak Street.

Guest with Margaret MacLean, SAIC THE WALK 2014 Co-Chairwoman, and Stephanie 
Horstkoetter at the Pre-Event Reception.

Jenn Lake in an H&M dress and matching clutch, and Marc Jacobs heels with Amy 
Creyer in a Carven top, Peter Pilotto for Target skirt, Manolo Blahnik heels, and 
a Marni Necklace at the SAIC Pre-Event Reception and the Jimmy Choo store on 
Oak Street.

Liza Brooks in Worth NY coat, Helen Yi jeans, Prada bag, and Jimmy Choo heels at 
the SAIC Pre-Event Reception for THE WALK.

Guests enjoy the festivities at the SAIC Pre-Event Reception for THE WALK at
Jimmy Choo. (Top Left)Tammy Munch in Givenchy and Jimmy Choo shoes, with 
Teri Tkachuk in an Acne top, pants from SAIC designer SAIC, and  Sidney Munch in 
BCBG feather skirt, Jimmy Choo bag and shoes. Megan Levin  in Jimmy Choo 
shoes with Jacqui Bovirose in Tracey Reese dress, Prada bag, Rose Gold Rolex 
Presidential watch with Carmen Rivera in a MGO Fashion Salon dress. Anita Lisek, 
Angelika Walczyk, and Marta Kszczotek. James Sommerfeldt SAIC Shoe Design 
Instructor in a Hugo Boss shirt, Armani jacket, APC jeans, Cole Haan Brogues and
Paul Smith Camo Socks with Ella Zarra in  Jimmy Choo heels and an Alaia bag.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lilac. In bloom.

Pretty, purple, lilac skirt with bare legs and ankle-high, lace-up boots.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Holly goes lightly.

Holly shops in a Desigual patchwork dress, camo scarf, Prada sunglasses and a
Filson Made in USA bag. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"…an expression of tenderness and raging ego." Rick Owens.

A couple of nice, very creative guys. Danas is wearing all Rick Owens, and Jeff is in 
Prada pants, a Burberry jacket, Alexander McQueen skull printed scarf, 
Giuseppe Zanotti high top sneakers and Saint Laurent sunglasses.