Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jamie, combines
Fiorentini & Baker Boots,

with H&M dress and

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  1. Hi! I am Elizabeth Weber, one of the artists you have featured on your website. I happened to have a friend send a link by googling my name, and am so flattered that you featured my artwork on your website. However I would ask that if you use my copyrighted artwork, you attach a link to it to my website. It looks like you may have photographed my painting yourself, (I'm so glad that my work is being seen!) and maybe you weren't able to get one of my business cards that had my website: it's I hope you can edit the post, or maybe find more work that appeals to you! If you need better resolution images, I have portfolios I can send your way. Love the other inspiring stuff you have found, and keep up the good work (but please notify the artists in the future when possible to avoid sticky situations). Again, thanks for putting my name on it, and if you add a link to my image, I would be happy to put a link on my own site under the "published" page to your own blog. Thanks!