Friday, June 28, 2013

“The ‘Parisienne’ is not in fashion, she is fashion.” —Arsène Houssaye, “L’Artiste,” 1869

A peak into the new exhibit called "Impressionism, Fashion, Modernity" at the Art 
Institute Chicago. On display are some of the world's most beloved Impressionist 
paintings from the 19th Century, but what makes the show so unique is the actual 
clothing worn in the day is included. Many are very close to the dresses in the
paintings. Petticoats, bustles, corsets, hats and tiny slippers were all in fashion. 
Credited with developing the bustle, Charles Frederick Worth also became the
"Father of Haute Couture" thanks in part to the patronage from Empress Eugénie,
wife of Napoleon III. Don't miss the show. It runs through September 22.

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