Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guests enjoy the festivities at the SAIC Pre-Event Reception for THE WALK at
Jimmy Choo. (Top Left)Tammy Munch in Givenchy and Jimmy Choo shoes, with 
Teri Tkachuk in an Acne top, pants from SAIC designer SAIC, and  Sidney Munch in 
BCBG feather skirt, Jimmy Choo bag and shoes. Megan Levin  in Jimmy Choo 
shoes with Jacqui Bovirose in Tracey Reese dress, Prada bag, Rose Gold Rolex 
Presidential watch with Carmen Rivera in a MGO Fashion Salon dress. Anita Lisek, 
Angelika Walczyk, and Marta Kszczotek. James Sommerfeldt SAIC Shoe Design 
Instructor in a Hugo Boss shirt, Armani jacket, APC jeans, Cole Haan Brogues and
Paul Smith Camo Socks with Ella Zarra in  Jimmy Choo heels and an Alaia bag.

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